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Domestic Dehumidifiers

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Browse our selection of domestic dehumidifiers below! Our domestic dehumidifiers are specifically designed to combat excess moisture, mould and mildew in and around your home. These smaller dehumidifiers can be moved quickly and easily between rooms where needed and providing relief to problems such as skin irritation, respiratory problems, damp spots and lingering smells often described as stuffy or musty.

Domestic Dehumidifiers

Keeping your humidity levels between 30% and 50% in your home can help prevent a myriad of problems associated with having too much moisture. Our domestic dehumidifiers help to fight against damage to your home and cure any pre-existing issues such as damp and mould. Most importantly however is that you spend the majority of your life in your home and whilst it may appear to be clean, it may, in fact, be harboring numerous toxic allergens that are created through damp and mould around your home. Reduction in the amount of dust settling from the air is also a key factor as this goes hand in hand with our domestic dehumidifier’s ability to deter microscopic dust mites that can cause wheezing and have been associated with asthma-related issues.

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