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Conservatory Electric Radiators

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Browse our range of conservatory electric radiators, a variety of wall mounted and free standing portable heaters. We supply a wide range of different sizes, shapes, wattages and heating methods such as oil filled or electrical radiators so we are certain you will be able to find the perfect conservatory radiator to suit you and your home.

Conservatory Electric Radiators

Our electric conservatory heaters can be installed virtually anywhere without the need of conventional piping installations to be built into your conservatory. Not only does this save you money during the initial build of the room by not needing to hire a plumber but it also allows you to not be limited to installing radiators.

The versatility of our electric and oil filled heating range makes them a major advantage for home extensions such as conservatories where the existing central heating system in your home may have insufficient capabilities to heat extra radiators.

A common issue with heating conservatories is that they are almost always have differing temperatures to the rest of your home. Due to the design of conservatories, they allow much more sunlight in than a typical room in your house therefor making it much hotter. This is also the case once it begins to get cold on an evening and through winter. Due to the lack of insulation, a conservatory has a much harder time holding onto the heat produced, meaning you could have your heating on and the house be very warm but at the same time have a cold conservatory. By being able to have an electric or oil filled radiator completely separate from the rest of your heating, you can decide what temperature and when for your conservatory without effecting any other rooms.

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