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Bathroom Panel Heaters Wall Mounted

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Browse our range of bathroom panel heaters wall mounted below! Nobody enjoys getting out of a warm and relaxing bath only to find yourself freezing cold within minutes, this is where an electric bathroom panel heater becomes a necessity.

Bathroom Panel Heaters Wall Mounted

Easy installation, energy efficient, low profile and safe to use, these are the key features of our wall mounted bathroom panel heaters. Our bathroom panel heater range is much safer than many other forms of bathroom heating due to their ability to mount into or onto a bathroom wall, keeping a relatively small profile by fitting closely to the wall and out of the way. Also because of the slim-line designs, the heaters are secure and water resistant*, negating the chance of splashed water causing issues. Alongside this, our heaters can also be mounted further away from water sources and still heat the entire room due to the wattage and heating methods used. With the ability to turn on and off when required, separate from your central heating system, a panel heater for bathroom usage really is a necessity for those who want to quickly and easily heat their bathroom.

Please feel free to contact our sales and support team for more information on the products listed above.

*Please check the heaters IP rating is suitable for the zonal area you are installing it in.


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