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Ab Toning Belts

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Tighten and tone your ab muscles for the summer using one of our ab toning belts. Our range of ab belts include various different fitments and intensities to suite your needs whilst using specialised electrical muscle stimulation technology to tone and firm your abs, arms and calves whilst also increasing muscle density.

Ab Toning Belts

Increase your muscle density, vascularity and firmness in time for a summer body this year with one of our advanced EMS abdominal toning belts. By using a natural process of intense contraction to tighten and firm your abdominal muscles, our ab toning belts provide a huge boost to building yourself a strong and stable core with visible definition.

For the best visible results we strongly recommend a schedule of regular cardiovascular exercise and a healthy balanced diet, with less fat overall, it will be much easier to see your abdominal muscles.


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