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40 Watt Electric Fly Killers

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Browse our selection of 40 watt electric fly killers below! Our powerful fly killers can provide effective coverage up to 150 metres squared from flies, wasps, flying ants, mosquitos and more. By using large ultraviolet bulbs built especially for our 40 watt electric fly killers, it attracts flying insects from afar and into an electronically charged metal grid.

40 Watt Electric Fly Killers

Make sure you’re protected from flying insects with our 40 watt electric fly killers that give you an enormous amount of coverage and peace of mind that you won’t be getting bitten or be swatting flies away all of the time. By using one of our electric fly killers it means you won’t have to use various different candles for different types of insects, no toxic and foul-smelling sprays that force you to leave the room you have sprayed in until after the fumes dissipate, no more sticky strips coated in dead flies hanging from your ceiling and also eliminates the need to cover yourself in any smelly creams. Ideal for both commercial and domestic appliances with its low energy bulbs with low operating costs.

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