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30 Watt Electric Fly Killers/ Zappers on Sale

Browse 30 watt electric fly killers below! Protect your business, commercial premises or home/ caravan from flying insects & help keep bug bites to a minimum with our mid-range electric fly killers. Our 30 watt electric fly killers are available with wall hanging chains allowing them to be left hung up during operation.

Best 30 Watt Electric Fly Killer Online

Our 30 watt electric fly killers are ideal to be left outside during operation due to its build quality and features.

Built from high quality aluminium, these units can be left outside without worrying about being broken or knocked over and bent out of shape. The bulbs, electrical grid and other internal should stay firmly in place.

Along with a sturdy build quality, our 30 watt fly killers come equipped with a hanging chain that can be used to suspend the zapper above the ground, increasing its effectiveness as well as an easy sliding tray that catches all the killed insects. Allowing you to quickly and easy dispose of dead insects.

Buy 30w Electric Fly Zappers with Confidence @FuturaDirect UK

All our Terratek & Vermatik pest control products & fly zappers/ killers come with the Futura Direct 30 Day Money Back Guarantee & 2 Year Warranty as standard. Our pest control measures & repellents have a wide range of applications & are ideal for commercial premises, businesses & professionals settings as well as home/ domestic use.

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30-watt electric fly killers the most popular size when it comes to pest control in both commercial and domestic premises. Order yours today, fast UK delivery!

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