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Browse our selection of 2 KW oil filled radiators below. A perfect extra source of heat during the cooler months of the year or just to use where you’re traditional radiators cannot carry heat. Easily to position exactly where you want it with the attached wheels and once you’re done simply use the wrap away cable and pack it up.



2 KW Oil Filled Radiators

Our 2 KW oil filled radiators are made up of a series of stacked metal fins with channels built inside to circulate pure diathermic oil which has been heated. This warmth then permeates throughout the heater, heating the metal and allowing heat to radiate out into the surrounding area. Another advantage of our 2000W oil filled radiators is that the heat you generate is retained long after the unit has shut down, similarly to regular radiators. This makes them ideal for bedtime scenarios where leaving an electric radiator on overnight is not recommended. Instead use it heat your room and then when you’re ready to climb into bed simply switch the unit off and enjoy the additional warmth.

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