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2.5 KW Oil Filled Radiators

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Browse our collection of 2.5 KW Oil Filled Radiators. Our oil filled radiators come packed with usability, reliability and safety features. With quality of life benefits such as being able to regulate the thermostat, which will keep your room temperature exactly how you want it as well as your energy bills down. Right through to safety features such as our tilt-switches that automatically power down the unit if it detects it has been knocked over.

2.5 KW Oil Filled Radiators

Our 2.5 KW oil filled radiator range is packed full of safety, usability, environmentally friendly and portability features. Our oil-filled heaters are almost entirely silent by not having to use a fan to blow hot air out into the room, it simply radiates enough heat from the metal to warm the surrounding area. Also without a fan it doesn’t pull in moisture from the air, causing it to dry out. We limit the temperature on the outside of our 2.5 KW oil filled radiators by using non-scorching surfaces, making them warm to the touch but never at a temperature that would cause serious injury. This is also why we seal the heating element within, to protect you from encountering anything dangerous.

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