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Know Your Bathroom Heater Types

Know Your Bathroom Heater Types

The bathroom is an important room in every home; even if you do not spend that much time in it!  It is the only room which allows you to pamper yourself and completely relax; escaping from all the daily tasks.

However, bathrooms are often overlooked when installing heating systems.  This creates a serious issue; your warm, relaxing shower is instantly ruined when you step into the cool air of the room!  The best way to resolve this issue is to add a bathroom heater to your room.  It will ensure you are warm when you need to be!

Types of Bathroom Heater

The two main types of heater are:

  • Radiant – this uses a coil to warm a room by emitting heat.
  • Forced air – this simply forces hot air into the room; using a fan.

Wall Fitted Systems

Using an electric wall heater or radiator is one of the most efficient ways to warm your room.  It can be turned on when you step into the shower and create a warm space when needed.  This type of heating system is very easy to fit; many simply plug in whilst others are hard wired to a switch.

In general, this is one of the safest types of heater; because they are so easy to install they are generally fitted away from the water supply and can be given the optimum position in the room.  This ensures a good heat supply and very little risk of electrocution.

You may also be surprised at how little this type of heater costs to use.  As it only needs to be turned on and off for the duration of your shower it uses very little electricity!

Have You Considered An Infrared Heater?

This is an excellent way to heat any space because it is targeted heat.  It works on the same principle as the sun and heat any object, including people in front of it.  In effect, it can turn the whole room into a radiator.

The heater will come on instantly and make you feel like you are stood in the warmth of the sun; for this reason it is very good for anyone who suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

The Obligatory Towel Rail

These items are essential in the bathroom!  They will dry your towels but they will also emit an ambient heat to warm the room.  Of course, this is a gentle heat and is only suitable for those rooms which are usually warm or small enough not to require much heat.

There is also an additional benefit in that, when you step out of the shower you will be greeted by a warm towel!  The electric towel rail will also dry your towel between uses and prevent any damp odor from building.

Remember Safety

All the above bathroom heaters are electric and you must take care to ensure they are properly installed.  Water and electricity do not generally mix well!

It is advisable to ensure you are complying with all legal requirements by using a qualified professional to install your electric bathroom heater for you.  All new electrical installations or modifications to a bathroom, since 2005, must be performed by a certified professional.  If you do not comply with this you may have insurance or legal issues in the future.


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